"Emotionally Uplifting" By Bill Adams

I have read about this race for years and have completed several marathons over my 42 years. I never could seem to get past what I felt would be the difficulty factor and the committment in my training to accomplish such a feat. I decided early in the year that this would be a goal I wanted to accomplish and put in my application. I had many people question why I would want to torture myself by running a Marathon in the mountains and my response was the typical Sir Edmund Hilliary answer when questioned about Everest and that was" Because it is there". The day of the race could not have been anymore beautiful for us racers. Clear skies and light wind. My goal was merely to survive it and learn from the experience and come back and do it better the next time. I ran it absolutely inspired the whole way and although my legs were saying enough already, my heart and head were totally into experiencing my lap on the track. That became the motivator for me during that race when my legs were heavy. I can't tell you how great that crowd made me feel when I hit that track. I have never cried before during any athletic competition but I started to during that lap--only my sunglasses kept it from the spectators. I honestly felt as if this race was the most uplifting and moving experiencing for me that I have ever experienced and want to thank everyone involved for helpiing make it that. Granted I had to work hard to train my body to do it but I got more of a learning experience about life in those 3 hours, 44 minutes and 39 seconds then in all my 42 cumulative years to date. My time was even better than I could have hoped for and now has inspired me to run a "regular marathon" in a flat setting and qualify for Boston. I will return next year for another emotional uplifting experience of running the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. Thanks again!!!