"I want a rematch" By Bruce Langsdon

The 2003 Grandfather Mountain Marathon was my 5th marathon, and by far, the hardest one yet. I was feeling really good through the first 14 miles, but around mile 15 I started getting light headed and very fatigued. I thought that I was just going through a rough patch and I could work through it, but as I was going up a hill around mile 16 the bottom just fell out. My electrolytes were depleted and I was toast. I became nauseous and I couldn't eat any energy gel or even drink gatorade without feeling like I was going to puke. I walked most of the last 10 miles up the mountain. It took every ounce of willpower I had to run the last lap around the track and finish in 5 hrs, 2 min. I was so depleted at the end that the paramedics had to give me an IV. This was the first time I have ever bonked in a marathon. In fact, this was the first time I have ever even walked in a marathon. I was very humbled by this race, but I will be back next year to redeem myself. Grandfather Mountain won the first battle, but I want a rematch! I will be back in 2004.