"History" by Linn Finger

As a 20-year veteran of the GMM I have many happy memories and have enjoyed many great stories from other runners. My favorite came from Ron Gould, a transplant from England who lived in the Morganton area for several years and who ran GMM several times back in the 70's:

Ron was running his very first marathon in 1977 on very limited mileage. At about 21 miles he was all alone and doing his "survival walk". An elderly lady was at her mailbox when she saw Ron approach. "I say," says she, "is this some kind of race?" "Yes Mum", says Ron, "it's some kind of race". "Well", says she, "I must tell you that some of the lads are cheating on you - I saw several of them go by here a while ago - AND THEY WERE RUNNING!"

PS: I am attempting to compile a history of the GMM, but I still need results sheets for the years 1976, 1979, and 1983-88. If anyone can help me locate either of these- perhaps from an old-timer who was doing GMM back then - I would be very grateful.

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