"Mom's Helper" by Nate Phillips (age 11, from TX- his Mom was a runner)

While waiting for my mom to pass at the Mile 19 water stop, I had not expected to help like I did in the 1998 SunMart UltraMarathon in Huntsville, TX. Yesterday, I decided to pitch in and help. I poured and handed out water and picked up water cups and other trash thrown down by the runners. I helped as much as I could, and after my mom passed by, we decided to stay and help a while. After about thirty minutes we had to go back to our hotel, but before we left one of the volunteers ran up and gave a G.M.M. T-Shirt. I had not asked for one or volunteered I just helped. So, thank you all Grandfather Mountain Volunteers. My mom and I wore our T-Shirts together as we left Boone. Thanks very much for allowing me to help. The volunteers were great and I had lots of fun.