"Sheep Toss" By Ron Findley, Raleigh, NC

At long last I had my question answered at the pasta party on Friday night. The last time I ran this race was in 1994 and as I was rounding the track at the finish, I heard them announce the winner of the "SHEEP TOSS". I almost laughed at the time and ever since then, wondered if they used real sheep. When I asked the question at the pasta party, everyone laughed heartily. Our host then informed me (and to my embarrassment everyone else) that the 26 miles had a more profound effect on my hearing than on my legs and that I had mistaken the word "SHEAF" for "SHEEP". A SHEAF is a bundle of hay that they toss. Needless to say, the laughter increased many fold. For the rest of the evening, whenever my wife and I exchanged looks, we launched into another fit of laughter. The next day while running, I chatted with several people as we made our way up the mountain. One of the ladies told me she couldn’t wait to hear who won the SHEEP TOSS this year. We had a good laugh and I was reduced to walking yet one more time. She wasn’t the only one that mentioned the FAUX PAS to me that day. I had a wonderful marathon all told. I made certain I had something in the tank at the 20 mile mark. The course was more beautiful than I had remembered and I was able to enjoy my dinner at Dan’l Boone’s restaurant to the fullest. I am constantly amazed at the joys of the sport of marathoning. Everyone has a story and a smile and makes my day better. Thanks to all the organizers, the volunteers and the runners for "MAKING MY DAY"