"One Scared Little Girl" By Amy Green, Charlotte, NC

I have run 2 marathons so far and plan to run 2 more prior to my running the GMM this July 2000. A friend of mine told me I was a champ for attempting this one and I thought, it will be challenging, but I can do it! I have now read every inch of this website and have read every story in this story section... I guess, searching for a reason to bail on attempting this one, but to my surprise,I am nervously excited!! I hope to see the "Coat Man" and I am excited about seeing those volunteers as an oasis at the water stops...Someone wrote in one of your stories " there is something ok about knowing something is hard to do and struggling to get it done." That is coming from a true runner! I'm with you on that one! I also read once in Runner's World a very fitting quote for those aspiring to complete the GMM like myself and it goes like this... "There will be days that you don't know if you can run a marathon... but there will be a life time of knowing that you have."Marathons are all different, but each time you cross that finish line, you hunger for the next one.... it's a great feeling of accomplishment! I may be one scared little girl, but I'm tackling those uphills and look forward to hearing those bagpipes and seeing my friends at the finish line! See you in July 2000!