"Wet Volunteers" by Cathy LaMarre (finish line volunteer)

As I rode in one of the lead vans as a finish line volunteer, I remembered my days as a volunteer at the mile 25 water stop. What a long day it is to be there ! This year, when we hit the water stop where the runners exit the gravel road onto 221 for the final grueling miles of hills, the skies let loose. The volunteers were out in the pouring rain handing water out to the runners. As a runner, I love running in the rain. But it's different for volunteers who just stand there. I was glad to be in the nice dry warm van, anticipating my duty in the rain when we got to the meadows. But lo and behold, the rain stopped when we got to the top. I remained 1 dry volunteer all day. I sure hope all the runners thanked the volunteers for all their help !!