Send me your stories with a catchy title so we can start sharing them with past and future runners. If you saw anything unusual (the pizza man, a kid pass you or even someone throwing up on the side of the road) send it in. Or, if you want to share your success story, your horror story or a story of the views and weather, send it in to me.

Wet Volunteers Mom's Helper Spirit Lifted at Mile 19 A Pimple On a Gnat's Butt The Downhills First DNF
Where's the t-shirt Three Special Friends Why Pop ? Mother of all... Great Race Will Return
One Scared Little Girl Friendly Encouragement 81: Just pitty-patty 94: Uplifting Experience 2000: Sheep Toss 2000: Love-Hate Race
2000: Sucker For Punishment 2000: The Day After 2001: My Brother's Marathon 2001: The Goal Marathon 2001: Will Be Back 2001: History Wanted
2002: Our Website 2002: Just Chew It 2003: Rematch 2003: Emotionally Uplifting 2011: Jug of Fun Wanted